Advanced Wet Processing & Automation

AWP is a new company founded in 2014. Our company is new only based on the name, but the high-quality manufacturing expertise and knowledge of the PCB market with regard to wet process and automation technology goes back decades. We are poised to became a dominant supplier into the global industry. With a large, experienced manufacturing location in Poland, headquarter and engineering in Germany, Sales and service office in China and Hong Kong, global distribution network and a team of renown PCB veterans in the field of automation and wet process, the company has already established itself with a key global customer base.

Advanced Wet Process Equipment

  • New generation equipment taking into account past experiences
  • High quality; built for longevity
  • Very maintenance friendly
  • Modular and ergonomic design
  • PP construction with stainless steel reinforcement where needed
  • Flex circuit transport capability
  • Process equipment for all applications

High-end Automation Equipment

  • Small foot print loaders and unloaders to multi-functional systems
  • Next generation PLC technology
  • High-quality manufacturing, materials and components used
  • Decades of experience incorporated in new designs
  • Touchless centering for IL automation machines
  • Robust wheel conveyorized systems instead of belts

AWP Group GmbH

At our plant in Bolesławiec we develop and produce perfectly coordinated handling systems and wet process systems.

Our strengths

  • Expertise and experience
  • Cutting-edge and forward-looking
  • One step solution partner
  • Regional, national and global

Features and characteristics

  • Reliability
  • Long life-span
  • User-friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Modular construction
  • German design, Made in Europe