Design features:

  • Both main drive shafts located on the front side for easy maintenance, utilizing smooth running worm gear system
  • Top spray chamber and bottom sump separated for more flexibility. Process time and sump volume are independent
  • Stainless steel support frame in powder coated version
  • Big front window on all modules for easy viewing and access, sealed off with a pressure controlled blow up sealing
  • Slanted inner and outer glass lid for easy process observation
  • Static high definition spray system without need for any oscillation. Therefore all process modules can utilize the same spray chamber
  • The static high impact system utilizes fixed spray bars with high definition spray configuration, narrow spray ankles and even spray nozzles.
  • Spray section with spray bars completely housed in for reduced chemical consumption and chemical spray mist. Inner housing can be removed for maintenance
  • All spray bars and individual nozzles with quick lock connection